ATN Kids

ATN Kids & Youth

We are always looking for volunteers who are willing to share God's love with the kids in our nursery, preschool or elementary rooms. Email our Children's pastor, Janet Fearnside or call 605-351-8425 if you are interested!

For more information about our Youth ministries, contact our Youth Director, Brynn Casas at
And adults interested in volunteering with our youth are always welcome.

Things to know...

We offer Sunday programming for Nursery, Preschool & Kinder,  and Grades 1-5.

On Sunday, check-in before the service, but our kids begin in worship before being dismissed to children's rooms

There are always at least 2 adult volunteers in each room with the kids. All volunteers have been background checked for safety

Any questions, email me at or call 605-351-8425

Middle school students (grades 6-8) are released to their own class at the same time as are our kids.

High school students (grades 9-12) worship with the adults and meet at other times as a small group – for fun, learning, and more.

Youth are also encouraged to get involved by serving in various ministries; community service credits can be earned in this way.